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SPM - 8 Series
Digital Power Meter
SPM - 8 Series

General Features
*:only in Advance model
2.1 Power parameters measure and accuracy
Current:3 phase, neutral, accuracy < 0.1%
Voltage:3 phase phase-phase, phase-neutral, accuracy < 0.1%
Frequency:47-63 Hz
Total power:Active, reactive, apparent power, accuracy < 0.5%
Power per phase:Active, reactive, apparent power, accuracy < 0.5%
Power factor:Total, per phase
2.2 Energy measure
Energy:Active, reactive, apparent energy, accuracy < 0.5%
Bi-directional energy:Deliver and receive kWh, kVARh, kVAh
2.3 Demand measure*
Bi-directional Block/Rolling demand
2.4 Power Quality measure*
Harmonic:V, I THD and individual harmonics, up to 31 orders
Sag/Swell:Configurable setting points
2.5 Report and event logging*
Report:Daily report : this day, yesterday
Regular report : this period, last reset
Event logging:Sag, swell, alarm logging
2.6 Display and input/output
Panel display:Mono 128 x 128 STN-LCD
Digital input:12 channel dry contact inputs
Digital output:2 channel relay for alarm and kWh pulse output
Analog input:4 channel 4-20mA input(option)
Analog output:4 channel 4~20 mA for V, I, kW, kVA, kVAR(option)
Voltage connection:10-600Vrms
Current connection: 5Arms, minimun detetable current 2 mA
Power supply:86~242 Vac or 100~300Vdc
Power consumption:8W/15VA
2.7 Communication
Primary port:RS485 Modbus or DNP 3.0 protocol
Secondary port*:Ethernet : 10/100 Mbps, Modbus over TCP/IP protocol,
2.8 Environmental & Physical
Operation temperature:-20℃to 60℃
Storage temperature:-25℃ to 80℃
Humidity:20-90%RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions:144mm(L) x 144mm(W) x 94mm(H)

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